Outsourcing Portfolios of Debt for Placement At Reputable Third Party Collection Agencies. 

Broker Services

We Assist Our Clients In Selling Their Portfolios In An Efficient Yet Timely Manner.

Our Mission

Portfolio Investment Solutions, LLC. is committed to serving individuals and businesses in the Debt Buying Industry with quality Charged-Off Debt. Our goal is to supply the highest quality of service to our clients while striving to create relationships built on trust. 

We are devoted to representing your organization as your broker in an ethical  and professional manner while quickly and efficiently getting your inventory sold. 

We educate the prospective buyer on their purchase and we strive to sell portfolios from legitimate sources at competitive rates.  


Featured Services

Featured services

Debt Purchasing

We Purchase Distressed/Charged-off Portfolios of Debt.

Portfolio Investment Solutions

Debt Sales & Marketing

Actively Engaged In Sales and Marketing of Various Portfolios of Debt.